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Historic Columbia Map


Columbia, South Carolina
is quickly approaching the 150th anniversary of her burning at the hands of General Sherman's soldiers. Columbians being as they are, set to rebuild almost immediately after the last flames were put out. A new Columbia State House was started on the foundations of the old, and in the next 40 years Columbia, SC saw a tremendous boom in growth. South Carolina College was renamed University of South Carolina in 1909. Columbia also built the beautiful Columbia Opera House just to the north of the new capitol. The nations largest cotton mills, Richland, Granby, Olympia Mills, Capital City, Columbia and Palmetto; sprung up one after another. In 1917 The US Government selected Columbia as the site for Camp Jackson.

  As part of the recognition of Columbia, and her great success, we are offering historic photographic prints from Historical Columbia. All historical art and photo reproductions are selected and digitally reworked to illustrate the great history in Columbia. The Historical Prints are archival Giclee prints on 100% cotton rag, fine art paper; ensuring that they will last as a record of Columbia's History.


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